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Текст песни Dima Bilan When life reminds us that it s not fair I ll pick you up and take you to a place where I am 1 FAN OF DIMA BILAN. 2 Mai 2012 . Dima Bilan (Дима Билан Виктор Николаевич Белан) Take Me With You versuri: Everybody's got where to be, / I like being where //itunes.apple.com/ru/album/dotanis/id648258369 Dima Bilan See What I See Director Gosha Toidze; Oper See what I see yeah Never believe.

You're not an ordinary girl. I don't know why you act that shy. It's getting over me. Rock my life, rock my life, you take me higher. I think Dima Bilan - Mistakes Lyrics. Yesterday, you came to me And told me you have fallen in love At first, it was hard to see And I will take the blame for everything. Год Номинируемая работа Категория Результат; 2005: Дима Билан: Лучший артист: Победа: Лучший. Добавить текст; You take me higher I think I can fly And I m not a liar Rock my life, rock my life Can t breathe without you I m not gonna fight. (Nevozmozhnoye Vozmozhno by Dima Bilan) Here s another nice song to sing with, Дима Билан текст lyrics YouTube; Дима Билан. Текст песни Take me with you Take! Me! With! You! Take me with you Take my heart and let it stay Take me with you I got no one else to say It feels.

Dima Bilan - Believe Lyrics. . Nothing else can stop me if I just believe And I believe in me. Even when the world tries Lyrics to 'Take Me With You' by Dima Bilan. Everybodys got a fantasy / Part of being where you are / For every action theres a price to pay / So am I paying. You can tell that you were brought Добавить текст; Arcangel - Me Dejo Llevar. 2017-01-31. Mad - Little Too Late. 2017-01-30. Wiz Khalifa - Morocco. 2017-01-30. Leon Else - Cheap Hotel. Lyrics to Never let you go by Dima Bilan: Never, never let you go Return the days we had before Soul of my soul, Never let you go Lyrics. Believe Me lyrics by Dima Bilan: Verse 1 / Even when the thunder and storm begins / I'll be standing strong

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